Starting Slowly with B.I.

Company “A” had a problem: with one thousand customers and ten thousand items, how would you ever know a medium-sized customer was changing over to your competitor? It starts slowly with that healthy customer shifting one or two items over to your competitor three months ago, and you never noticed it. Soon you see that client’s sales are slipping. A few months go by and your sales rep is in your office worried he is losing the account. The truth is the account was lost at the beginning and you never noticed it. That’s where we stepped in to help our client get a handle on this. B.I. (business intelligence) is something every company needs to do better but they mistake data for information. Everyone has data; few have information; even fewer have good information. Sound interesting? Pick up the phone and call the number on our contact page or click the link and send us a email to start the conversation.


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