Ready for Office 365?

Ready for Office 365?
So you think you want to move to Office 365? Read on…

Yes, it makes sense, doesn’t it. You want the latest and greatest software, specifically Microsoft Office and you want to stay up-to-date. Your company experiences the struggles of some users on Office 2007 because that came with the PC, while others are still on (ulp!) Office 2003 and cannot open the other files created by the other users. So now the fun starts…saving the files in previous formats so the other users can open them. And that’s just the beginning…


Collaboration is key in the fast-paced offices of today. Users are asked to do more faster and they are more sophisticated than ever. You’ll often hear things like, “…I have the new version on my pc at home!” Nothing says “old school” like hiring a new person and giving them a old version of Office. Frankly, it’s embarrassing for the company and makes the organization look archaic. It’s tough to attract and keep sharp young talent that way, isn’t it?

“Keeping up with the current versions of software is actually less expensive in the long run”

The unseen, unspoken problem is the weakness this presents for the organization. Old versions of Windows operating systems and program tools is actually a weakness exploited by the savvy cybercriminal types. It’s not surprising to see the old versions of Windows server 2003 still active in organizations. Just remember: there are no security patches for software which is tagged “end of life” by manufacturers. Protect that business into which you’ve invested so much sweat equity