New Cybersecurity Info

New Cybersecurity Info

Last year at the FBI briefing concerning the state of Cyber Security, we had the pleasure of a Senior Representative from Verizon speak. He is head of Global Investigation for Verizon. Those familiar with the Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) will recognize this as the industry standard in compiling the state of Cyber Security. The one stand out item was the inclination of users to continually click on malicious links again and again. 11% of your users will definitely click that link each and every time. Yet management seems unwilling in some organizations to provide training on how to spot and avoid this likelihood.

In our experience with multiples of companies, this user is going to take down the company at most or cause significant loss to the company at least. At this point, everyone is aware of the potential for damage for an organization from malware. Yet some users seem oblivious until they are the ones opening the “gate” to allow the malicious event inside the organization.

92% of malware is spread thru emails so anyone mindlessly clicking on any email with no regard for the organization, is putting the company at risk. These people can accidentally cause irreparable harm to the organization.

It’s time to stop this. Let us help with the training your organization needs. Your people are your best line of defense.

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