“Hi-Impact does a lot for us. We contracted him about a year ago to handle all of our IT services. He showed us how to improve our network into the most advanced we’ve ever had -in only 1 year. The amazing part is that he did it by cutting my costs and showing the company a cost savings of over $25,000. I am paying less and getting more. The team does a terrific job of documenting. They are always planning and always thinking. They are great at diagnosing problems and adept at coming in and analyzing the system. When finished, they provided the company with a ‘road map’ to show us how to make improvements a step at a time. They created the IT strategy that suits our company. They created the mobile software for our salespeople. They did it by talking to the people and finding out their needs. I value Hi-Impact’s work, but I also value Gary as a person.”
CFO of a Distribution Company

Chicago area

“I am a gigantic fan. Gary gets it. They are a user-friendly IT organization, which is hard to find. They understand the needs of the customer by actually talking to the people for whom they are going to create programs. When they worked with me, they were always on the follr taling to the people who can positively impact sales through their work. Most people actually fear working with IT people. They speak a different language and you end up wasting time. Not with Hi-Impact. They listen. They save me hundreds of thousand s of dollars by developing the exact tools I needed for my business. They are creative and understanding. They are also fun to be around. I trust them implicitly. Gary’s finest trait is that he goes out and talks to the people. He gives them what THEY need, not what he thinks they want. This is true of the whole team. My son just opened his own business. I told him there is no need to talk to anyone else about his IT needs. Hi-Impact are their guys.”
Executive VP of a Nationwide Warehousing & Distribution Firm.


“I have known Gary for a long time. He worked for me in 2005 and did a wonderful job. He was in charge of all the IT for my company. He made the decisions on all of the changes to our software and hardware. In 2008, I started a new business. I went right to Gary and hired his new business, Hi-Impact Technology. I asked them to set everything up. They work on our antivirus, the line to our exchange server, email and even advised us on the procurement of other items outside of normal IT technologies, such as copiers and phone systems. They take an interest in doing it right. The most important thing about Hi-Impact is that they are reliable and versatile. They do everything well. In the past i have referred him to several friends, customers, and vendors. They are a wonderful company and our “go to” guys for anything IT.”
Owner of a large Restaurant Chain